Bounce all tracks in place

You can perform an in-place bounce-and-replace for all audio, software instrument, and Drummer tracks in the Tracks area.

Perform an in-place bounce of all tracks

  1. Choose File > Bounce > And Replace All Tracks.

  2. You are prompted to save your project; click Yes or No, as appropriate.

  3. In the Bounce Replace All Tracks dialog, define the following parameters:

    Figure. Bounce Replace All Tracks dialog.
    • Bypass Effect Plug-ins checkbox: Select to disable all plug-ins on the source track during the bounce process.

    • Include Volume/Pan Automation checkbox: Select to have volume and pan automation performed during the bounce process, with their result influencing the bounce file. Otherwise, the volume and pan automation is simply copied, not performed.

    • Normalize pop-up menu: Choose between three states of normalization:

      • Off: Turns off normalization.

      • Overload Protection Only: Allows downward normalization in case of overloads—levels above 0 dB, which would lead to clipping—but no normalization in case of lower levels.

      • On: Allows full bidirectional normalization.

  4. Click OK to trigger the in-place bounce-and-replace for all tracks.