Control timing with the groove track

You can set a track as a groove track, and match (synchronize) the timing of other tracks in the project to it. When you play the project, the timing of matched tracks adjusts to match the timing of the groove track.

Only one track in a project can be a groove track. You can select which tracks in the project match the timing of the groove track. When a track is set to match the groove track, time quantization is unavailable for that track.

Set the groove track

  1. Hold the pointer over the left edge of the header of the track you want to set as the groove track.

  2. Click the star that appears in the narrow rectangle on the left edge of the track header.

    Figure. The groove track star selected.

Tip: If the groove track is not available, you can show it by Control-clicking a track header and choosing Track Header Components > Show Groove Track from the shortcut menu.

Match other tracks to the groove track

  • Select the Match Groove Track checkbox on the left side of each track’s header.

    Figure. Checkboxes for tracks to match the groove track.

    To prevent a track from matching the groove track, deselect the Match Groove Track checkbox.

Turn off the groove track

  • Click the star in the header of the current groove track.