Select tracks

Some track operations, such as duplicating tracks or assigning tracks to a different channel strip, require that you first select the track or tracks.

You can select multiple tracks. When multiple tracks are selected, the first selected track is the focused track. Some operations, such as choosing a patch in the Library, only affect the focused track when multiple tracks are selected.

When multiple tracks are selected, the track number of the focused track also appears selected (lighter gray color) on the left edge of the track header, unlike the other selected tracks.

Select a track

  • Click any empty part of the track header.

When you select a track, all regions on the track (or those that fall within the cycle, if Cycle mode is on) are selected. To select a track without changing the current region selection, Option-click the track.

Select the track above or below the selected track

  • Use one of the following key commands:

    • Select Previous Track

    • Select Next Track

Select multiple tracks

  • Hold down Shift as you click the track headers.

Changing the focused track in a multiple selection

When multiple tracks are selected, only one can have focus. You can change the focused track while keeping the multiple selection using the track numbers.

  • With multiple tracks selected, click the track number (to the left of the track header) for the track you want to have focus.