Hide tracks

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, you can hide tracks in the Tracks area. This is useful when you’re working on projects using a large number of tracks, for example. Hiding a track has no effect on playback, only the appearance of the Tracks area.

You can hide and unhide tracks using the menu commands in the Track menu (Hide Track, Unhide All Tracks, and Show Hidden Tracks), or using key commands. The first time you hide a track, you use the key command, after which the Hide button appears above the track headers.

Hide one or more tracks

  1. Click the Hide button (with the letter H) above the track headers to show the Hide buttons in the track headers.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click the Hide buttons in the track headers of the tracks you want to hide.

    • Control-click the track header of each track you want to hide, then choose Hide Track from the shortcut menu.

  3. Choose Track > Hide Hidden Tracks, or click the Hide button above the track headers again.

    The tracks with active Hide buttons are hidden.

  4. To unhide the hidden tracks, choose Track > Unhide All Tracks, or click the Hide button above the track headers again.

Hide or unhide a track using key commands

  1. Select the track.

  2. Press H.

    To unhide the hidden track, press H again.

The following menu functions and key commands also affect the Hide Tracks feature:

  • Even when the toolbar Hide button is deactivated, you can still hide an individual track with the Track > Hide Track and Select Next Track command (or press Control-H).

  • The Track > Unhide All Tracks command (or the corresponding key command) will reset the Hide buttons of each track, making them all visible.

Note: You can also link the Hide functions of all tracks belonging to a group by selecting Hide in the Group Settings window. (For more information on groups, see Groups overview.) Keep in mind that there is no Unhide Selected Track key command because there is no way that you can select a hidden track.