Set track pan positions

The Pan/Balance (pan is short for panorama) knob controls whether a track is heard from the left, right, or center of the stereo field. You can set the pan or balance position for each track in a project.

Mono channel strips feature a Pan knob, which determines the position of a mono signal in the stereo image. At the center position, the Pan knob sends equal amounts of the signal to both sides of the stereo image. If you turn the Pan knob to the left, more of the signal moves to the left.

Stereo channel strips display a Balance knob, which differs from the Pan knob in that it controls the relative levels of two signals (Left and Right) at the stereo outputs.

Alternatively, you can use the Pan/Balance knob to control the send level for a send on the track’s channel strip by first choosing the send, then adjusting the send level using the Pan/Balance knob.

Adjust a track’s pan or balance position

  • In the track header, drag the Pan/Balance knob counterclockwise to pan to the left, or drag clockwise to pan to the right. The “dot” on the wheel indicates the position.

    Figure. Track Pan/Balance knob.

    Note: You might have to resize the track header in order to see the Pan/Balance knob.

  • Option-click the Pan/Balance knob to return it to the center position.

Control a track’s send level

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the track header, Control-click the Pan/Balance knob, then choose a send.

    • Control-click the track header, choose Track Header Components, then choose the send from the submenu.

  2. Drag the Pan/Balance know to adjust the send level.

When a channel strip output is set to Surround, the Pan or Balance knob is replaced by a Surround Panner. For information about using surround channel strips, effects, and the surround panner, see Logic Pro X surround overview.