Track header overview

Each track includes a track header that displays the track name and icon and features a number of track controls. By default, these include Record Enable, Mute, and Solo buttons on all tracks and an Input Monitoring button for audio tracks.

Figure. Track header, with controls called out.

When Show Advanced Tools is selected in the Advanced preferences pane, additional track header controls are available, including an On/Off switch, Hide buttons, and Track Number and Color Bars options.

You can customize the track header by showing or hiding different track header controls, to optimize your workflow. You can also resize the track headers to give yourself more room to work in the Tracks area.

Configure the track header using the shortcut menu

  1. Control-click the track header.

  2. Choose Track Header Components from the shortcut menu, then choose individual items from the submenu.

Configure the track header using the Track Header Configuration popover

  1. Open the Track Header Configuration popover by doing one of the following:

    • Choose Track > Configure Track Header (or use the corresponding key command).

    • Control-click any track header, then choose Configure Track Header from the shortcut menu.

  2. Modify the track header elements in the Track Header Configuration popover.

    • Control Surface Bars checkbox: When selected, control surface bars appear, indicating which tracks are accessed by control surfaces connected to your system. Each control surface can be assigned a different color in the Device inspector. For more information, see the Logic Pro Control Surfaces Support manual.

    • Track Numbers checkbox: Select to display track numbers on the left side of the track headers. Tracks are numbered automatically in descending order.

      During playback, each track number is replaced with a small level meter showing the output level (for audio tracks) or velocity value (for software instrument tracks).

    • Color Bars checkbox: Select to show a color bar on the left edge of each track header.

    • Groove Track checkbox: When selected, the groove on the left edge of each track header.

    • Track Icons checkbox: Select to show track icons in the track header.

    • Names section: Use the pop-up menus in this section to determine what is displayed in the additional name column.

    • Buttons section: Select the checkboxes of the buttons you want to display in the track header.

    • Volume button: Select to show the volume slider/level meter in the track header.

    • Pan/Sends pop-up menu: Choose whether the Pan knob controls the pan/balance setting, or the level of one of the available sends, from the pop-up menu.

  3. Click Done.

Horizontally resize all track headers

  1. Position the pointer over the line dividing the track headers from the left edge of the tracks.

    The pointer changes to a Resize pointer.

  2. Drag the line left or right to resize the track headers.