Choose a patch

You can view available patches for the selected track in the Library. When you create a new track, you can choose a patch from the Library, and choose a different patch for the selected track at any time.

A track can have only one patch for the length of a project, and you can only choose patches that match the track type of the selected track.

Choose a patch for the selected track

  1. Click the Library button in the control bar (or double-click the track header) to open the Library.

    Figure. Library open, showing patch categories.
  2. Choose a patch category from the list on the left, then choose a patch from the list on the right.

    You can quickly move through the patches in the list using the Up and Down Arrow keys.

    After you select a new patch, you can start playing it immediately.

When you choose a patch, the left inspector channel strip shows the patch name, along with the instrument (for software instrument patches) and effects plug-ins the patch uses. To view presets for a plug-in in the Library, click the space immediately to the left of the plug-in on the left inspector channel strip. Select the patch name again to return the view to available patches, so you can choose a different one.