Save custom patches

You can save a patch’s settings in the Library and apply the settings to other instruments, or use them in another project.

You can delete a patch you have saved from the Library if you no longer want to use it. You can’t delete the sounds included with Logic Pro.

Save a custom patch

  1. Select the track you want to use as a starting point for the custom patch.

  2. Customize the patch settings by changing channel strip or plug-in parameters, or adding or changing plug-ins.

  3. Open the Library if it is not currently open.

  4. In the inspector, make sure the blue triangle in the left channel strip points to the Setting button.

  5. Click the Save button in the lower-right corner of the Library.

  6. In the dialog that appears, enter a name for the saved patch.

After you save a patch for the first time, a User Patches folder appears in the Library. Saved patches are saved to the User Patches folder. You can use them in any Logic Pro project.

Note: If you have MainStage 2 or later installed on your computer, custom patches you save in MainStage appear in a MainStage Patches subfolder of the User Patches folder, and can be used in Logic Pro.

Delete a saved patch

  1. Select the track, then click the Library button if the Library is not already open.

  2. In the Library, select the patch you want to delete from the list on the right, then click Delete.

Important: After you delete a patch, it can’t be recovered for any project. Deleting a patch cannot be undone.